The Wind Song – Weekly Progress Report

Hello, Internet land. So here’s what’s happened with this song over the past week. Did you listen to it and last week’s post? Quite a difference, no? I’ve also been busy trying to make this blog/website more comprehensive, which has been absolutely no fun at all. I can’t believe I actually went to school for […]


My Lord, I feel like March’s song just took forever and a day to finish! This probably has something to do with my daughter having both strep throat and spring break this month and also having migraines and sinus problems myself. But, it’s finished, I like it, and it’s time to move on to the […]


(Jump to Lyrics) This song is the second installment of my 2017 self imposed musical challenge to create a full arrangement of one of my songs each month. This little song I made here is one of my favorites. Or at least, the lyrics are among my favorites that I have written. My teeny weeny […]

Stream of Consciousness

Lyrics Story¬† I wrote this when I was very young, could barely play the guitar and didn’t have access to other instruments because I was pouring everything into painting (which is a pretty expensive endeavor when you’re a kid living off ramen noodles.) The lyrics express frustration I had with the artist statement requirement for […]