Hocking Hills Overhang


This image was tricky to get, as I find very green and shadowy images often are. As usual, I had my family with me, which is always a little distracting. I think that if I had really been focused, I would have upped my iso and used a little higher aperture to get the image a little sharper, but luckily, it turned out fairly well anyway and I’m sure I’ll get back to this location in the not too distant future to try it again.

I used exposure bracketing, but did it handheld and did not use any software automated post processing. Instead, I chose the exposure that exposed the best for the mid tones and then worked with the shadow and highlight sliders to get close to what I wanted in LR. Then I worked with the color sliders to take out some of the yellow from all the greenery that the camera often has trouble with. (I often see images with a lot of greenery on flickr that seem either too blue or too yellow and over saturated in the greens to my eyes, but ultimately it’s just a matter of taste.) Lastly, I used the brushes to further control shadows, highlights, and saturation in some key areas to help guide the eye around the image. It sounds time consuming, but this editing process is actually pretty quick.

What I’m ultimately aiming for is what it feels like to be standing in that space, dwarfed by the big rocks and their shadows, enjoying the sunset light playing across the greenery and rocks beyond. Not sure if I hit my target, but I think I got pretty close and my skills are improving.

I’m mostly self taught in photography, but I did study drawing and painting.in school, so when I edit my photographs I’m using all the guidelines I would follow if I were painting a landscape from life. I think about my ten degree value scale, I think about my color scheme, I think about my composition, etc.

Thanks for looking!

Published by Miranda

Music, art, and tarot enthusiast

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