Feelin’ the Wind – Finally a wee bit o’ progress

*Side note. I used to have a very good command over punctuation and grammar but it’s been so long since I was in school that I can’t remember the rules. Sorry.* Well, as the title implies I did work on the song a little bit this week but not much. I think I re-tracked the […]

OMG – Still No Progress?

Um, yeah, nope, haven’t really made any significant progress on my current song project. It’s been something of a busy week and that’s slowing me down. I am happy to report though that I am recovering well from my recent illness and getting my energy back up –¬†and I have been doing some other musical […]

Weekly Song Round Up (Or why there’s no progress this week.)

Well, there’s no audio clip with this week’s progress report… and that is because I did not make any significant progress on “Feelin’ the Wind.” Two solid weeks of making very little progress. – And why is that? Well, I’ve been pretty ill for the past couple weeks and had some other things I couldn’t […]