Writing a profile about yourself always feels so awkward and weird, doesn’t it? Usually when I write one it’s because I’m playing an event that requires some promotional material. It always feel disengenious somehow. However, I was recently asked to write something informal about my music to help the chef at an event I’m doing envision a menu that reflects the artists who are participating. I realized after I wrote it, “that’s the only thing I’ve ever written about why I make music that actually sounds right.” So, here ya go….

“Geez Louise. I thought this was going to be an easy questionnaire! Lol. I dunno. I think, more than anything, I value sincerity and honesty in a song writer so that’s what I try to embody. But because I realize that an individual can only be as honest with others as they are with themselves, I am always trying to root out where my awareness really lies. I sing about everything from the search for meaning in a fubar society on a dying planet to the shock of love a new mother feels. If it’s happened to me or someone close to me, I’m probably going to sing about it. I want people who listen to me to know that none of us are alone. We are all unique but our feelings are not. From a technical standpoint, I strive to not get too analytical about technique and execution. My philosophy is – work on improving your skills every day but when it comes time to really create something, don’t overthink it. (It’s not easy for me because I am naturally inclined toward perfectionism, but I am always practicing and getting better at staying in the moment despite myself.) The audience’s interpretation of your work will always be more about the experiences that have formed the lens they see it through than about whatever you intended your work to be about, so just be true to yourself and connect on an emotional level. Hopefully, by doing that you help people get in touch with themselves. We are all kinda stuck between our karma and our own bullshit. Music helps us navigate that and resolve what we came here to resolve. As far as genres are concerned, I’m a little hillbilly, a little soul, a little jazz, a little blues, a little pop. Americana, I guess. I’m not sure if I’m going to bring the piano and the guitar or just the guitar to the gig…. So you might get more of my sorta country feeling tunes if I don’t bring the piano.”

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