OMG – Still No Progress?

Um, yeah, nope, haven’t really made any significant progress on my current song project. It’s been something of a busy week and that’s slowing me down. I am happy to report though that I am recovering well from my recent illness and getting my energy back up – and I have been doing some other musical things, at least.

Last weekend I helped a friend out with some piano for his album over at a studio in Indiana. I think I’m going to go back and do it again because I’m not happy with what I came up with. Loved the studio though. It’s a beautiful place, built for the express purpose of being a recording studio and completely surrounded by corn fields out in the middle of nowhere. You couldn’t ask for a more serene environment to record in, and the producer/owner Gregg is such a mellow guy. Very nice person to work with. If I ever record an album, I’ll do it there… but it’s doubtful I’ll ever record my own music that way because I am not social enough to put a band together. You never know though. I’ve had a couple offers from people to recruit musicians for me, which is definitely the only way I could work that out. I’m open minded about it. Paying for the whole thing… well, that’s another matter.

I actually ended up in the emergency room the day after I was in the studio, so its no wonder I didn’t have my head in the game. It’s a long story. I’m fine. And no, I’m not a hypochondriac. I usually avoid the doctors office like the plague. I just have problems with muscle spasms and back pain, and when you’re used to being in pain it can be real easy to ignore something more serious. I wouldn’t have even gone if the doctor I saw at urgent care last week for the stomach infection hadn’t advised me to. Two days later I popped those pain killers the doctor gave me and went to King’s Island amusement park, carrying out our family summer plans, and walked for ten hours. So yeah, I’m okay. (And no, I do not take pain killers on a regular basis. That stuff is horrible for you. My pain is fairly manageable. It’s just there most of the time.)

So… yeah, anyway it’s been a crazy week. I did, however, track the vocals for Feelin’ the Wind once I got my daughter to bed last night and it was really nice to revisit the project. I heard all kinds of little possibilities and places in the song to fill up some space and I’m feeling pretty excited to jump back into it. I think I’m going to try and turn out this and one or to more songs before the summer’s over. Once the kids are back in school in the fall, I might actually start making some you tube videos again because I’ll have a little kid free time in the mornings after they get on the bus before I have to leave for work. We’ll see. I always think I can get so much more done than I turn out to actually be able to.

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