Weekly Song Round Up (Or why there’s no progress this week.)

Well, there’s no audio clip with this week’s progress report… and that is because I did not make any significant progress on “Feelin’ the Wind.” Two solid weeks of making very little progress. – And why is that? Well, I’ve been pretty ill for the past couple weeks and had some other things I couldn’t not do, so something had to give. Last weekend I had a short set at the OE and this weekend I’m playing piano on a friend’s album.

I hadn’t really sat down at my piano much since I started this big “learn to produce music” experiment I started back in January, so for the past few weeks I’ve devoted what little energy I’ve had to preparing and practicing, running over a lot of what I know, just to do it, and because I was too out of it to work on the looped song. I actually surprised myself. I thought I’d sit down at the piano and stumble all over the place, but instead discovered that I play better than I think I do.

It’s been a rough couple weeks, but it made me realize that I need to strike a healthier balance between the various aspects of my life. Unlike a lot of people, I started out in my early twenties as something of a health nut and slowly but steadily progressed into a health slob as I landed into my thirties. Before my daughter was born I had only been on antibiotics twice in my entire life, including my childhood. This year alone I think I’ve been on them 3 times. That’s absolutely ridiculous! Also, grade schools are virus libraries and my kid checks ’em all out. This time I felt bad enough that it kind of scared me. Things can change in the blink of an eye.

At any rate, I need some rest and to get my energy levels back up before I can really continue on with anything. I need to make sure that I’m not ignoring what my body is telling me, get back to the diet I used to eat and spend more time in the kitchen.

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