Miranda Live at the Oregon Express

I had a hard time with the audience last night – which totally sucked every bit of subtly out of this performance. (WARNING!! Long rant ensues.) Update: Just found a friend got some better video, so this post might be replaced soon.

Unfortunately, what I was mostly feeling throughout my set was royally pissed at the table full of loud drunk people right in front of the stage. I literally couldn’t even hear myself. During Losin My Mind I wanted to stop and yell at them sooooo sooo sooooo bad! Like why pay the door charge if you’re just going to be a rude asshole? Especially in a venue like the one I played last night where there’s even a separate room from the stage where they could go instead. – – And I’m not just like this about people talking at my own shows either.

I get equally pissed when I’m in the audience and someone tries to talk to me. I don’t care how many times I’ve already heard the band play the song, I’m there to hear them play it this time, dammit! Most of the time I do try to be pleasant about it though by just being unresponsive towards people talking to me or finding another spot to stand or dance.

I was also super annoyed last night because my friend, who LOVES “Let’s Get the Show On the Road”  had never heard me play it and some girl walked up and talked his ear off all the way though it, despite the fact that I dedicated it to him before I started playing it.

So… Whatever, I can conjure the feeling no matter what, but those other feelings run like a current beneath it. (I’m sure only another musician, maybe vocalists in particular, would understand that.) I love playing live. It’s great to be on a stage when you’re really getting to people in the crowd, but gigging regularly just isn’t for me. It’s a hell of a lot of work, disruptive for my family life, it’s such a crap shoot whether it will even be worth it, and I don’t really need the little bit of extra money it pays. :

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