The Wind Song – Weekly Progress Report

Hello, Internet land. So here’s what’s happened with this song over the past week. Did you listen to it and last week’s post? Quite a difference, no?

I’ve also been busy trying to make this blog/website more comprehensive, which has been absolutely no fun at all. I can’t believe I actually went to school for a while to study graphic design and thought I could do web work. It’s almost worse than dealing with people all day. I love fiddling with details, but… well… they have to be meaningful details.

There’s still a ways to go on the song. I have yet to record the final vocals, which I think I will do next. The arrangement is sounding almost complete to me, but not totally. I’m not sure what it needs though. I think what I’ll do is record the vocals in about two days from now to give my memory a break before tracking. Then I’ll wait another three days to separate my psyche even more from the arrangement as well as the vocals. One of the biggest problems I’ve had with making this kind of music so far is that I don’t walk away from it enough and subsequently get to a point where I just can’t hear it any more. So, this time I’m changing up some of my habits to see if that helps.

There’s definitely some things about it that don’t sound… clean, for lack of a better word. I’m not sure if mixing will help with that or if I should just carve some things out of the arrangement altogether. I mean, there’s a little bit of mixing that goes in along with the arranging, because it would be too un-listen-able to work on otherwise, but it’s not much. Could be that swapping some sounds for others might help. I think mixing can only go so far and sound and instrument choice is probably the more important thing to put energy into, but at first I’ve just got to grab a sound and get the notes down before I loose them. There’s quite a bit of moving back and forth on these points though. It’s definitely not a straightforward, linear process.

This is a good stopping point, at any rate. I’ve actually probably gone too far into arranging already, because there’s no way of knowing what I’ll want to do with the vocals once I get them tracked again, and it could very well be that I find myself needing to make space for them. Time is never wasted on this stuff though, so it’s all good. I use every little bit of experience with it for every other thing I ever work on, even if it’s not even music. Kind of how my painting experience plays into making music.

I’m enjoying the break quite a bit, particularly those little moments where the synth mimics the guitar. I want to drop in another synth that’s similar but not exactly the same to mimic the guitar parts during the break that the first synth is not mimicking. I want to see if that will help keep the forward momentum moving towards the bridge while adding variety without getting too busy. I don’t know how well it will work till I try it. I might try it and then end up pitching it. It’s best not to think about it too much and just go with what I’m inspired to do and throw it out if I don’t like it. I’d also kind of like to try adding a couple more measures after the bridge with sort of a second short break featuring something other than the guitar, but I probably won’t do it… I dunno… Ramble-ramble-ramble…

At any rate, this is it for now. Hopefully I can use my time wisely for the next couple days and get this website in order. I’m kind of hating this theme right now. It’s too polished and fancy looking… so not me… It’ll change soon, probably.

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